Helen Mirren talks Fast & Furious
[Image: Getty]

Sometimes Hollywood just gets a casting decision 100% right.


One of the most recent examples of this was the undeniably genius decision to cast the Oscar winning star of “The Queen” Helen Mirren as Jason Statham’s mother in “The Fate Of The Furious.”


Unfortunately for fans the duo only appeared in one scene together in the 2017 blockbuster, which just left audiences immediately pining to see more of them interacting as Magdalene Shaw and Deckard Shaw, respectively.


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak to Helen Mirren about her Golden Globe nominated turn in “The Leisure Seeker.” In the very last moments of our conversation I asked Mirren whether she will appear in another “Fast & Furious” film.


She only had time to utter a few words on the subject, but it was clear that she is very, very keen to feature in the franchise again, as she remarked, “I hope so. I would love to do that. That would be just great.”


Luckily for Mirren there’s going to be a few opportunities for her to pop up again as Magdalene Shaw, who is also the mother to Luke Evans’ Owen Shaw, the villain in “Fast & Furious 6,” as well as “Furious 7’s” baddie Deckard.

That’s because there are plans for two more films in the franchise, with “Fast & Furious 9” scheduled to hit on April 10, 2020. At the same time, a Hobbs and Shaw spin-off, which will pit Dwayne Johnson against Statham, is also going to be released on July 26, 2019.

Luke Evans is just as eager to return, too, telling me back in October that it would be “quite brilliant” to star alongside “Mummy Mirren” in the series. Meanwhile, Mirren previously insisted that she wants to at least drive in the next film.

Something that is so deliciously tantalizing it simply needs to happen as soon as humanly possible.