‘The Light Of The Moon’

Director: Jessica M. Thompson

Starring: Stephanie Beatriz, Michael Stahl-David

Rating: NR


4 (Out Of 5) Globes

Plot: Bonnie (Stephanie Beatriz) is a successful architect that lives in Brooklyn who is sexually assaulted after a night of drinking. Bonnie struggles to deal with the aftermath of the incident, as she keeps her toil hidden from both her boyfriend and her family. However, the impact soon starts to overwhelm her, especially as she tries to return to her old life, which becomes more and more complicated.

Review: There’s no way that “The Light Of The Moon” could have known just how timely it would be. Released in the days and weeks after the Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, et al, sexual assault allegations, the film takes an intimate, brutal, but captivating look at the impact that sexual assault can have on a human being.

But while “The Light Of The Moon’s” timeliness means that it will draw more attention, that shouldn’t overshadow what is a truly terrific, sensitive, and inspiring film. As Bonnie, Stephanie Beatriz gives a well-rounded and emotional portrayal, which always resonates and then builds into something that leaves a deep impression. Michael Stahl-David, who plays Bonnie’s boyfriend Matt, is also just as impressive, bringing to life a flawed, helpless, but never clawing individual that tries to make things right, even though he doesn’t know just how futile his efforts are.

Thompson’s script and direction is what really makes “The Light Of The Moon” stand-out, though, as she is able to weave together a detailed, realistic but still heightened and engaging tale of sexual assault. Due to ecent antics “The Light Of The Moon” should find a bigger audience, which is great news because it will undeniably make an impact on those that watch it.

“The Light Of The Moon” isn’t the first film to deal with sexual assault in such a profound manner, though. Check out our gallery above to see Metro’s list of 10 other movies that rival “The Light Of The Moon.” 

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