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In MeToo climate Tom Brady NFL want this video clip buried

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Tom Brady tries his best to own a squeaky-clean public image. Getty Images

Tom Brady has been an NFL quarterback for so long (he was drafted in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Patriots), that commercials and TV appearances he made early in his football career can seem outdated.

Brady hosted Saturday Night Live in 2005 after winning his third Super Bowl and the skit that got the most buzz coming out of the episode was the one where Brady appeared in his underwear while “hitting on women” in a spoof sexual harassment PSA. In the skit, Brady even grabs the breasts of actress Amy Poehler. Obviously, everyone was cool with it back then and it was done in the sake of comedy (and it is legit funny), but there is absolutely no way this thing would be made today given the MeToo climate with recent sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations against many famous actors and politicians.

No doubt, Brady himself (who likes to keep his image squeaky clean) would like this thing buried on the Internet. Fortunately for Brady, you can’t find this sucker on YouTube – but here is a link to the skit on the SNL NBC page and a link to SNL Hulu.


Hulu SNL Link

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