You’ve enjoyed his movies – now, wallow in the aromas of Bill Murray.

Readers can now enjoy the aroma of fan favorite actor Bill Murray. “Cook Your Own Food - a Bill Murray Scratch n Sniff” pays homage to the fan favourite thespian, featuring ten different smells inspired by his movies. Simply scratch and on one page sniff the whiskey from Murray’s Suntory character from “Lost in Translation.”

You can also get a noseful of the iconic actor from “Moonrise Kingdom”, “The Life Aquatic” and “Groundhog's Day.”

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Metro spoke to John Jarvis, the creator of the book (now available online from Sugoi Books) on the appeal of getting a whiff of Murray.

What inspired you to create this book?

– I am a huge lover of Bill Murray, first and foremost. He’s an inspiration on screen: funny, sad, cerebral and thoughtful. He has such a deep personality which lends itself to be captured in art and if you look online there is a lot of it. We wanted to get close to Bill, to get inside his films and have lots of fun doing it. What better fun than smelling his films? It's a super fun way of exploring Bill Murray, of seeing some of the best illustrators around the world pen some great art. Hopefully people will laugh with their friends - that's the point.

Do you think this fragrant book will draw people closer to the actor, or push them away?

– In the 70s, the idea of smelling in cinema was a giant thing. I suppose we thought it gave the posture a new dimension. Put us with the characters on the screen. I like the idea that we can take part in the books and art we buy, look at. I want everyone to take part and have fun. That experiential sense of play is taking off, lets do it!

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How many pages are there?

– There will actually be 10 smells, so 24 pages in total. Each image gets a double spread. So, they are much bigger and expansive to let you really explore. Each spread will have a pink pad, scratch that and you get absorbed with a sweet smell of Bill.

What are the main aromas?

– We've tried to keep the smells in context to the film. When Bill eats an apple in “The Life Aquatic”, we have an apple smell. When Bill eats sushi with Scarlet Johansson in “Lost in Translation”, we have a fishy smell. Of course, when his character Carl Spackler finds a Baby Ruth candy bar in the pool in “Caddyshack” - uh oh.

Where are these smells taken from?

– We have worked with a company in the U.S. who generate smells. They were really busy in the 90s, when “Scratch and Sniff” books were a thing but now, not so much. They have a library of over 5,000 smells apparently - I didn't even know that many existed.

What’s been the reaction to the book?

– I have a lot of surprise and a lot of intrigue. People seem to really love the idea and some people seem to not understand. I like to think it's such a unique and individual idea, its not going to be for everyone.

What's next?

– Sugoi Books is a two-friends initiative and we're intent on doing fun books and working with even more artists. We have lived around Europe, we like to call ourselves nomadic! It's meant we've experienced lots of great DIY cultures, seen how people create things and its given us a real energy to carry on! Who knows? People get in touch if you have an idea - we need you.