obama netflix show might happen

Barack is back ... on TV!


Barack and Michelle Obama may be coming back (praise Jeebuz!) ... to the small screen, at least. That's right, an Obama Netflix show might actually happen.

According to the New York Times, talks are advanced, and the Obamas are looking for a vehicle to spotlight global conversations. We very well may see Barack moderating conversations on important topics like climate change, health care, immigration and voting rights. The former POTUS, it seems, is very keen to bring inspirational content and discourse to our livingrooms and phones. 

There's also goss that Michelle may host a show devoted to topics close to her heart, such as nutrition and child welfare. Hands up — those who want to see her host a fitness show? ME! Yoga with Michelle. 

The couple could also, potentially, bring documentaries to Netflix (think how Laura Linney unnecesarily "brings" us "Downton Abbey"). Dear Obamas, please don't Linney us. Just restore our sanity.


Is the Obama Netflix show actually happening?

There aren't any details on dollars, yet. That said, America's most former first couple aren't strapped for cash. In addition to his lifetime $200,000/year pension, Barack reportedly pulls in $400,000 per HOUR to make speeches. Which is chump change (cough) compared to he and Michelle's alleged $65 million memoir book deal. All up, the Obamas are loaded (even though Malia's tuition at Harvard could run over $60,000/year, and there's still Sasha to plan for). This Netflix deal would be a passion project (though we are pretty sure they will rake it in).   

Stay tuned (er, streamed?) to see if #44 and his FLOTUS will be the icon one over from Robin Wright playing Prez in House of Cards, Season 6.


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