Wow can you say "missed opportunity?" Here are the ten things that youdefinitely should have bought or offered to take off someone's hands this weekend:

1) A child's potty training toilet (used).

2) Three movies that they only offered as international flight movies.

3)105 Shot glasses FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

4) A creepy as hell Sponge Bob Square Pants table for kids (or adults who are young at hear).

5) (Possibly stolen) Preloaded SIM cards.

6) An unlocked Moterola C139, for that teenage kid of yours who's been begging for the newest smartphone.

7) A "twole" rack. Y'know, to hang your twoles.

8) A really ugly, beat up couch (FREE).

9) A (portable) stripper pole.

10) A FREE used mattress.

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