The human race is less than a week into living in a world that doesn't have Zayn Malik in One Direction and it's still feeling the effects of his departure.

For instance, The Independent reports that folks are requesting time off to mourn Zayn Malik leaving the boy band. Their reason? Aside from an emotional wound that will never truly heal (we've beent there), fans are citing the need for "compassionate leave."

Compassionate leave is basically sick leave, except it's reserved for those mourning the death of a close family member.

Employment law experts in the United Kingdom have reportedly been flooded with calls from mourning fans asking time off.

We're not so sure if this will fly here in the States, but you never really know.

So if you're wondering where your co-worker is on Monday morning, they're is an ever so slight chance they're at home mourning One Direction's loss of Zayn Malik.


The chances of this increase if your co-worker also happens to be a teenage girl.