Last night’s MTV Movie Awards should have really been called the Shailene Woodley awards, because every single award (just three) went to the actress.

The “Divergent” star took home the award show’s honors for Best Actress, Best Kiss. and the ambitiously named "Trailblazer Award." Did we mention that Woodley had to give an acceptance speech for each award? Fun.

When Woodley took the stage for her Best Actress award she may have accidentally made a pot joke while ending a very rambly speech.

"To all of you who have been pillars to me, thank you," the actress said. "I was gonna say let's blaze on but I don't know if I can say that! So let's trailblaze on!"


Oh, Shailene!

For her Best Kiss Award acceptance speech, Woodley compared her on-screen kiss with Ansel Elgort to kissing her “brother.” For those who don’t know, Elgort plays Woodley’s brother in the “Divergent” series.

Woodley really should have just taken a hint and taken a seat on stage.

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