Shannen Doherty, left, as Heather Duke in the original 1988 "Heathers"


Just two days away from the revivalof one of our favorite TV shows (hint: two words, both starting with the letter “G”), we got a teaser photo from a remake-of-sorts of another throwback fave: “Heathers,” the late ‘80s teen black comedy starring Winona Ryder in her prime and OG bad boy Christian Slater, which is in production to become a half-hour comedyseries on TV Land.


Shannen Doherty, who has been battling breast cancer since last year, announced her involvement with the show by way of an Instagram of herself on the set. The actress played Heather Duke, the least mean of the ill-fated mean girls in the "Heathers" clique in the original flick.


Sneak peek from the #Heathers set..... jealous much? @tvland


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The series will take place in the present day, with Veronica (Winona’s role, played by Grace Victoria Fox) facing a brand new clique of Heathers.According to Deadline, Doherty will play a “pivotal unnamed character in the pilot."


In the words of yet another Heather: "Well, f—k me gently with a chainsaw."