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The Kardashians are not digging Cuba

Apparently, they love the culture, but not the technology

How awesome would it be to visit Cuba? Not very awesome, if you're a Kardashian, apparently.

The whole team went down to check out the newly available vacation spot — because Cuba is "so hot right now" — but they're apparently finding the amenities a bit lacking. “They love the culture, but they don’t like the technology.

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They’ve had an issue every two seconds about not having internet. They complained they couldn’t get on Snapchat. They’re frustrated and they can’t wait to leave,” a source tells Page Six. But a rep for Kim Kardashian says it's all a bunch of nonsense. “If there are any issues, they are production issues," her rep says.


"The ladies don’t have any issues and are having a great time. They knew there wouldn’t be internet service before they came.”

Yeah, but I can imagine Kim & Co. interpreting "no internet" as, like, just really slow internet.

Speaking of production issues, the folks tasked with chronicling the family's adventures is apparently having troubles of their own — like getting locals to sign release forms. “They don’t have reality TV in Cuba. The Kardashians aren’t a big deal,” the source says. “They are like, ‘Who are you, why are you filming?’” Oh man, it must be nice to be Cuban.