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Workplace romances can be tricky things, especially when that workplace is one of the top-rated shows on television. Which why, apparently, the folks behind "The Voice" want to have a contingency plan should the new romance between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton go south, according to Radar Online.

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"The studio bosses sat them down last week after they confirmed that they were dating to discuss the whole situation and what would happen in the event that they broke up. The execs even discussed adding a breakup clause to their contracts," a source says. "Gwen and Blake assured them that if it does not work out, they will break up on amicable terms because neither of them wants to jeopardize the show."

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Oh, and also: "Gwen and Blake have been encouraged to play up their flirtation for the cameras during the show tapings." Because of course they have. Actually, you know what? Plans for how to deal with a potential breakup, instructions to play it up for the cameras? This all has my show-biz romance conspiracy nut brain going into overdrive. Is this whole thing maybe just a "Voice"-coordinated ruse? Because that would be mean.

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