For some reason, there’s a rumor that Kim Kardashian has filmed a new sex tape.

According to Daily Mail, rumors of an “explicit video” starring the 36-year-old reality star were reported by Britain’s Mirror newspaper. Apparently the leaked footage is mostly just Kardashiansitting on a bed in some — probably unnecessarily elaborate — lingerie.

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But her rep told Daily Mail, it’s not true: “It’s the same old tape.”


If you somehow don’t remember, Kardashian found fame after her sex tape with then-boyfriend, Ray J, was leaked and distributed. It’s the whole reason we’ve been blessed with the Kardashian clan as America’s most famous, most divisive, most annoying reality-television family. Honestly?We do not thank Kim Kardashian enough.

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The mother of two has slowly been making her way back on social media after her terrible ordeal in Paris. So yeah, I don’t think a sex tape is really in the cards for her right now. She’s kind of moved beyond that, don’t you think?

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