How comedy veteran Andrea Savage is redefining the sitcom mom

With her fun and raunchy new series, "I'm Sorry."
Andrea Savage I'm Sorry Kitchen
Andrea Savage as Andrea in truTV's latest comedy, "I'm Sorry." Photo: truTV/Scott Everett White

When Andrea Savage created “I’m Sorry,” she took inspiration from comedies that deal with the realities of everyday life, like “Master of None” and “Louie.” But she was looking to add a little something to it. “I wanted to do a pure comedy,” says the writer and "Veep" actress over the phone. “It shows a couple that actually likes each other and gets a kick out of each other, because you don’t see that. Everyone’s miserable on TV.”


So what does a non-miserable television series look like? With “I’m Sorry,” it’s a decidedly light and raunchy take on your standard sitcom. The series, premiering July 12 on TruTV, follows a semi-fictionalized Savage in her day-to-day life in Los Angeles — from coffee sessions with her writing partner to cringe worthy brunches with her family. And it showcases the 44-year-old alongside an all-star comedy cast that includes Judy Greer and Jason Mantzoukas.


Savage, who got her start by performing in musical theater, caught the comedy bug later than most. “I wish I would have been exposed to improv groups in high school or college,” she says.


While studying Political Science at Cornell, she took an acting class — where she met future “SNL” alum Chris Parnell — and he convinced her to join famed improv troupe The Groundlings. And the rest, as they say, is history. 


Fast forward a couple of decades later, and Savage is a comedy veteran of both television (“Episodes” and “iZombie) and film (“Step Brothers,” “Sleeping With Other People”). And she's made some famous friends along the way. Heavyweights like Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and guys behind the Lonely Island have roles behind the camera on "I'm Sorry." “That’s the great thing about comedy," says Savage. "We all do each other’s stuff. We’re a community.”

Starpower aside, “I’m Sorry” explores the life outside of your typical sitcom mom — and blasts it to pieces. “I wanted to write a nuanced multi-dimensional woman who is 40 and who happens to be a mom — but that isn’t the only defining thing about her,” she continues. “I don’t ever take the piss out of anyone but myself.”

Fret not, though: “I’m Sorry” may have its moments of nuance, it’s definitely not without its naughty sides.

The third episode, for example features a character who considers ice in her uh, rear orifice foreplay. And it’s based on a real life experience Savage had with a friend of a friend. “I was so fascinated,” she says in awe. “I had so many questions. What kind of ice was it? Was it crushed? Was it whole? How long does it take to melt?” she asks. “I hope people sort of know that [these outrageous situations] are real. If you know it’s real, then you’re like, ‘Well it’s not so crazy.’”

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