Sansa in Furs
Sansa, in furs. Photo: HBO

A lot happened on Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” finale, though there weren’t many surprises


Sure, Jon and Dany made sweet vanilla love while Jaime finally walked away from Cersei. But barring Littlefinger’s swift, very deserved death, everything was pretty standard after an exciting, albeit uneven season.


Metro’s biggest “Thrones” fans, Rachael Vaughan Clemmons and Eva Kis, discuss Season 7's final episode, "The Dragon and the Wolf," from Littlefinger’s surprising end to what could be next for the Night King.


Jon and Dany’s boring incest sex


Eva Kis: First, let’s talk Daenerys and Jon. Least sexy sex of all time. Absolutely killed my boner.


Rachael Vaughan Clemmons: Oh, yes. How dare you guys set up this romance, with all of these supposed sparks — that I didn’t see, by the way — and then have the most vanilla sex?

EK: Also, how did she go from "Khaleesi needs no man!" to "I can’t give you children"?

RVC: Unclear. Her whole thing has always been that she’s a boss. Didn’t help that they decided to juxtapose their um, lovemaking, with a scene of Rhaegar and Lyanna getting married. Like, we get it. They’re related.

EK: They reached for emotional resonance and didn't get there. And let's just acknowledge that Bran narrating their incest over the sex scene was a questionable choice.

RVC: Not the best decisions, storytelling wise.

EK: Also somehow Tyrion is also in love with Daenerys, at least that's what his creeping at her bedroom door implies?

RVC: Oh, I didn’t see it that way at all. I think Tyrion is just like, "Wow, these two are problematic AF." But are they really? You know, besides the light incest? 

Littlefinger’s demise

RVC: RIP, my shady dude. I was pretty happy about that. I don’t know if it makes sense, plot-wise, with Sansa, Arya and Bran, but I’m glad he’s dead.

EK: This whole season has been about family though, whether it's leaving a better world for children or loyalty above all else or destiny. So it made total sense that Sansa and Arya would work out their differences. I think Sansa bonding with Arya was important, and it may have strengthened her family ties all around — although they did spend an awful lot of time setting them up as rivals.

RVC: This whole "better world for children" thing, I still don’t get. I still think Cersei is faking her pregnancy. And I guess Dany can probably actually get pregnant, which I’ve kind of thought all along. You can’t just believe everything every witch tells you, you know?

EK: Yeah, Jon makes a good point when he tells Dany that. But Jon being the heir to all of Westeros is... problematic for all of the ladies. The series spent so much time on the stories of these amazing women, who built up themselves and their empires, endured unspeakable things, but Jon will get it all because he was born to the right parents?

RVC: I’ve been loving the idea of Cersei versus Dany, so this news about Jon being the legitimate heir is kind of ugh. It'll be interesting to see what he'll do with the news. 

Jaime goes north

EK: Anyway, we're glad about Jamie finally realizing just how far gone Cersei is and riding north, right?

RVC: Yas! Get that toxic kween out yo life.

EK: Talk about someone who's lost everything and found himself.

RVC: I know this is farfetched, but I’m just hoping he rides north and then we can have a love triangle between him, Brienne and Tormund. Give the people (me) what they (I) want! Besides, maybe it could be a good way to keep the Lannister line going, because as of now it’s dead, dead, dead. Although, I mean, I guess Tyrion could have someone’s kids. Aw, Tyrion.

EK: Tyrion! I didn't expect him to make it out of this episode alive. I think they're saving all their major character deaths for next season. This season was about tying up loose ends, giving people the reunions they wanted and moving the plot to where we've known it was heading for so long. Like, since we saw the first White Walker. [Editor's note: Which happened in the first episode of the first season.]

The fall of the Wall

EK: We knew what zombie dragon was going to do as soon as that happened.

RVC: I’m kind of calling bulls—t on that. I thought the wall was held up by magic and runes and stuff. But apparently, all it takes to make it crumble is a wight dragon blowing… ice flames?

EK: Maybe the dead can’t touch it? But melting it is fair game.

RVC: I find myself wondering about what the Night King wants. I know he’s an icy mute dude, but I’m curious as to whether or not he has any motivations, or if it’s just your standard desire for world domination.

EK: The Night King was created by the Children of the Forest as a weapon against the First Men, so it was created to destroy humans. That they started killing any living thing is, well, not unexpected.

RVC: Right, but what’s the point? “Thrones” has worked so hard to build a world that dives deep into power and the desires and machinations behind it. But we don’t know anything about the Night King’s desires. And having watched a lot of “The Walking Dead,” zombies themselves are not very compelling, story wise. 

EK: On a personal note, Tormund better not be dead! I know you're on Team OT3, but I want him and Brienne to live through the long winter with a giant brood of giant babies.

RVC: Fair! And also, I doubt it: Beric recently said something about the Lord of Light keeping him around for a purpose — and I doubt that purpose was to die in an ice flame-induced avalanche.