How Far Is Tattoo Far? Episode 1

There was plenty of drama in the first episode of MTV's "How Far Is Tattoo Far?"

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The premiere episode of MTV’s How Far Is Tattoo Far? aired Thursday night and already there was enough drama to hook you in.

The first segment of MTV’s How Far Is Tattoo Far? featured Jersey Shore’s Angelina  Pivarnick and her fiancé Chris Larangeira designing tattoos for each other. According to Pivarnick, she wants to give her fiancé a tattoo that was personal adding that she wanted to get him back for something he did, while her fiancé designed her tattoo to get on her nerves. They were both successful. 

How Far Is Tattoo Far?: Angelina and Chris

The tattoo Chris received was a cartoonish hamster spewing “period sh-t” from its bottom. If you watch Jersey Shore Family Vacation you may recall an accident involving an unfortunate accident in a cab

How Far Is Tattoo Far?: Hamster period sh*t


Angelina’s fiancé Chris designed an engagement ring with “3rd time’s a charm” written below, taking a jab at the fact that Angelina has been engaged two other times. 

How Far is Tattoo Far?: Angelinas' tattoo

How Far Is Tattoo Far: Dacota and Melody

Dacota and Melody are friends and Melody hopes of becoming an adult cam star. Dacota believes Melody should respect herself more so she designed a tattoo of a chastity belt for her friend. 

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How Far Is Tattoo Far Episode 1: Melody

Melody believes her good friend Dacota needs to be more open about her sex life so she designed a tattoo that reads “I like it in the….” above her behind. 

How Far Is Tattoo Far episode 1: Dacota tattoo

Are the tattoos on How Far Is Tattoo Far? real or fake?

When Dacota's tattoo was revealed, a lot of people on Twitter said Melody went way “too far” with the design, while other people believed it was fake. Some tattoo enthusiasts noted that the tattoo was too shiny and appeared to be drawn on or temporary.

Melody responded to naysayers by saying the tattoos are real. She posted a clip of Dacota’s in on Twitter.

Watch How Far Is Tattoo Far? online

In case you missed the premiere episode of MTV’s How Far Is Tattoo Far? you can check it out again at and watch episode 2 of this wild new series. 

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