The Bee joins Nick Cannon on The Masked Singer episode 6

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The Masked Singer returned for its sixth episode on Wednesday. With four of the seven mystery singers -- The Peacock, The Raven, The Monster and The Bee -- taking the stage, the new musical hour of TV once again set out to baffle the judges and audience alike. Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong returned as the celebrity panel and, high off of his correct guess on who The Unicorn was last week (it was Tori Spelling), Jeong was deadset on being referred to as the king of the show.

Was he able to figure out who The Masked Singer was this week? Let's unpack all the highlights of The Masked Singer episode 6.

The Bee came in like a wrecking ball on The Masked Singer episode 6

After an odd group performance of "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, The Bee took the stage to show what she's got. Her pretaped segment gave a few more clues for the judges to mull over. She shared that, at the age of 8, her mother gave her the first idea to form a singing group. Once she got a record contract, it was "all peaches and marmalade ever since." While that felt like a Patti LaBelle reference, with Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke agreeing it sounded like a reference to the hit song, "Lady Marmalade," The Bee ended her intro clip with a very Chaka Khan sounding reference: "I'm every bee, it's all in me."

After performing "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus, Robin seemed pretty confident it was Gladys Knight under the mask (we'd have to agree!) while Jenny said it had to be Patti LaBelle. The singer's revealing item turned out to be a set of bakeware. The Bee shared, "This is my second favorite thing to do." Ken Jeong guessed it was Anita Baker while Nicole Scherzinger said it was Chaka Khan.

The Monster in The Masked Singer episode 6


The Peacock continued to impress on The Masked Singer episode 6

The Peacock brought an assortment of new clues in his opening clip, where he revealed that the anonymity behind the mask is getting to him. After saying it felt like his entire career has disappeared in thin air, the visual showed him vanishing in a poof. He also revealed that he's 176 pounds before appearing on screen in a rainbow cape. Needless to say, this led to more LGBTQ magician guesses.

The Peacock once again stunned the judges with this week's performance of "All of Me" by John Legend. Ken Jeong suggested it could be former teen heartthrob Shawn Cassidy before saying, he's like a thin David Hasselhoff or an "all protein David Copperfield." Jenny suggested it was Donny Osmond while Nicole said it could be Wayne Brady. Robin continued with his assertion that it was Neil Patrick Harris under the mask. And The Peacock's revealing item, which was a wig, proceeded to confuse everything. "Because of this wig, I was thrown in jail," he shared.

The Raven braved her soul on The Masked Singer episode 6

Next up was The Raven and in her clue segment, she admitted that it's been a challenge to remain silent since she made a career talking to people. Once again she made reference to losing her beloved and, as she held a clock that said the time was 11:11, she revealed that her greatest joy was "being a mother to her flock." "Sometimes, you have to look back to move forward," she said, ending the clip.

After belting out an emotional rendition of Sarah Bareilles' hit, "Brave," Ken was quick to hit her with a compliment, saying, "Great job. No jokes, just heart." He also suggested it could either be Star Jones or Carnie Wilson under the mask. After she brought out an Emmy award as her revealing item, sharing, "I place this where my flock can admire it," Nicole suggested it was Sheryl Underwood while Robin Thicke seemed pretty confident that The Raven's real identity was Ricki Lake.

The Monster came out swinging on The Masked Singer episode 6

New clues presented in The Monster's pre-taped segment found the competitor admitting that the love he's received in recent weeks "went a long way to healing a deep wound." Sharing that he's had his share of dark days, The Monster went on to say, "I'm a fighter, I fought my demons," before admitting that he's a "lil' teddy bear at heart." As he warned haters not to "swing your negativity my way, I'll just swing back," a video game-style "Game Over" message appeared on-screen. Needless to say, this sparked a lot of athlete and golf talk from the panel.

The Monster's performance of Lenny Kravitz's "American Woman" pleased the judges and crowd alike. Robin admitted that the first couple times he performed, he thought The Monster was either a golfer or athlete, but then raved about the mystery contestant's ability to finish his singing riffs, which he said isn't "an easy thing to do." Ken suggested it could be a comedian like David Alan Grier or Tommy Davidson while Nicole guessed it was Lil Rel Howery. But once The Monster brought out a headset as his revealing item, saying, "I make my best calls on this headset," Robin guessed it could be boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, for some reason. Whoever it is, the judges have yet to catch on to the video game hints.

The Raven got unmasked, answering the question: Who was The Masked Singer?

When all was said and done, The Raven received the lowest amount of votes. Before removing her mask, Ken guessed it was Sheryl Underwood. Nicole said she was going to throw a curveball before saying it could be Meghan McCain from The View. Robin continued with his assertion that it was Ricki Lake, while Jenny agreed with him before deciding she wanted "to be different," and threw Raven-Symone's name into the mix.

It turned out Robin Thicke was right on the money with his guess, prompting Ken Jeong to give up his crown. The former talk show host, and star of Hairspray and Cry-Baby, was revealed as The Raven's true identity. When asked why she chose the animal as her costume, she said the raven was a symbol for "death and rebirth," before acknowledging her recently deceased ex-husband, Christian Evans. "I went through the loss of my husband last year and this really was an opportunity for me to share my journey through his loss," Lake explained. "He was the best thing that ever happened to me."

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. 

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