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Photos: Courtesy of Adult Swim

It’s always rough waiting for the newest season of your favorite TV show to hit a streaming service. You don’t regret cutting the ties with cable company, but you’re itching to catch up and keep checking back on your streaming service with no luck. It’s particularly hard waiting for those shows with a cult following (while you try to avoid any Internet talk that might spoil the latest episodes for you). The latest one you’re probably wondering about is when you’ll see Rick and Morty season 3 on Hulu.

The great news is that while we might not be able to guarantee McDonald’s will bring back the coveted Szechuan sauce (or that they’ll stock enough to meet the very high demand), we know for a fact that you won’t be waiting for long for Rick and Morty season 3 on Hulu. It’s been a long haul since the third season of the beloved series wrapped up last October, but the wait is finally over now that Hulu has announced an official date for the episodes to hit their content library.

So when can you catch up on the exploits of the super scientist and his not-so-bright grandson? Here’s what you need to know about the Adult Swim show and the streaming service.

When will you see Rick and Morty season 3 on Hulu?

Get ready with your snacks and remote because you’ll be able to binge watch Rick and Morty season 3 on Hulu this weekend. So enjoy your Friday night out knowing the excitement isn’t over when you come home from the bars. Bookmark the Rick and Morty Hulu page now so that you’re ready to just hit play.


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If you’re out late enough, you should be able to hit play on Rick and Morty season 3 on Hulu when you get back because it’s official part of the streaming service’s offerings on Saturday, June 23. Just don’t go through all those 10 episodes at once, otherwise it will be a long wait until the next batch of new adventures.

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