The Path season 3: Trailer, release date, spoilers and more

You'll also be seeing a new face in the compound.
The Path Season 3 Aaron Paul
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In all the nostalgic 80s joy of Netflix’s Stranger Things, we forgot that its rival streaming service Hulu is producing plenty of compelling original content of its own and one of those shows is just about to drop a new season. That’s right, The Path season 3 is coming to your small screens sooner than you think.

The original, starring Aaron Paul, is enough of a hit of Hulu that the announcement of The Path season 3, which will be a 13-episode run, was announced the same day as the finale of season 2.

The Path season 3 cast

You don’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite throughout The Path season 3. Yes, Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy will all be in the cult compound for another riveting season — but they are getting a new addition.

You’ll see Freida Pinto join the cast as Vera, a character that Hulu describes as “a sleek new publicist for the Meyerist movement.” Throughout the season, this new mysterious character “forges a personal connection with Eddie (Aaron Paul), but may have her own secret agenda.” Would the character really fit in during The Path season 3 if she weren’t hiding a secret or two of her own?

Where did the season 2 finale leave things?

After struggling with his faith, Eddie (Aaron Paul) seems ready to take up the role of leader of the Meyerists. And word has gotten out that he’s the rightful heir to Steven Meyer, not Cal. So it’s a bit unexpected when Eddie shows up leading a group of outcasts back into the compound and Cal welcomes them back inside instead of turning them away at the gates. There’s clearly a power struggle looming, which is fitting for a series that grapples a lot with the issue of power and its implications.

The Path Season 3 Aaron Paul Michelle Monaghan

What to expect in The Path season 3

No surprise here, but there’s going to be a struggle for dominance in the compound. Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) may currently be aligned with Cal, but she’ll have to choose between the old powers (Cal) and the new (Eddie). Although it seems like a no-brainer to go with Eddie, since it’s by his interference that she was spared from jail time, it might be hard for her to give up the old order in which she was aligned with Cal at the very top.

Creator Jessica Goldberg highlighted the tragedy involved in leaving the show at this point at an NBC Universal press event in March. “We definitely went for the cliffhanger at the end of this season,” she said. “It was a big shake-up. Eddie finally accepts his mantle. Sarah tried to get him to do what he always wanted to do, which was walk away. It’s very tragic, in that way; choosing the lord over the lady, so to speak.”

Paul and Monaghan knew what their characters would be going through in The Path season 3 and bantered with each other during the event based on the tension they know is coming.

The Path Season 3 Hugh Dancy

“I’m excited [to see] if we will be together since he’s the chosen one,” Monaghan said to Paul. “I was just coming into power and kind of liking it!” She laughed while turning to her co-star and said, “You’re stepping on my toes! Now I have to listen to you?!”

“There’s going to be some serious shit in Season 3,” Paul summarized.

But they’re both eager to see Cal dethroned, as are many viewers. Goldberg acknowledged this during the event and confirmed that, yes, Cal will see a major fall. “I think people will be excited to watch Cal be in the dirt,” she said, adding during The Path season 3 Cal will be “the low man on the totem pole.”

Expect to see the three of them thrown together — and kept together — more throughout The Path season 3. “I don’t want to keep everyone apart again,” Goldberg said. “I miss the dynamics.” Like Paul joked, that’s sure to lead to “some serious shit.”

The Path season 3 trailer

We’re still biting our nails waiting for this one. As soon as Hulu releases the trailer for The Path season 3, we’ll post it here so you can pick apart every detail and get exciting for the upcoming power struggle.

When does The Path season 3 come out?

You’ll be able to stream The Path season 3 when Hulu drops the first episode on Wednesday, January 17. That’s right, you’re only getting one episode. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday, January 24 for the second chapter of The Path season 3.

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