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Is The Big Bang Theory on Hulu?

is the big bang theory on hulu

You know that The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 24, or the season finale, airs tonight. You don’t have cable, but you’re eager to keep up and, let’s all be honest here, watch your favorite episodes featuring Penny, Leonard, Sheldon and the gang for what’s probably the tenth time. So, is The Big Bang Theory on Hulu?

After all, you have to savor the episodes now that we know the final curtain will fall on the series before long — potentially after the next season. “We never really figured to be at year 11, let alone what’s going to happen after 12. One could easily presume that would be the end of the series, but I’m just amazed we’re here,” co-creator Chuck Lorre said during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour. He also hinted to The Hollywood Reporter that season 12 would be the cut off.

Fingers crossed it isn’t true because we’re still hoping for a happy wrap-up for Raj, whose transformation we’ve followed from whispering sidekick to lead of his own romcom-esque stories with Lucy and Emily. But for now, where can you go to catch up on the socially awkward capers of Sheldon or Penny and Leonard’s roller coaster ride of a romance? (Or, for that matter, Sheldon and Amy’s quirky love story that’s the major subject of the season 11 finale.)

is the big bang theory on hulu amy

So, is The Big Bang Theory on Hulu?

We’re sorry to report that the episodes available from The Big Bang Theory on Hulu number, well, zero. That’s right, you’ll have to turn elsewhere to stream hours of their humorous antics. Check back with Metro US for other ways to watch The Big Bang Theory online. We’ll make sure you’re set up to have a binge-watching weekend with the whole gang — just make sure to honor your favorite humorous physicists by order Chinese a la their group dinners.