Tom Brady Super Bowl
Guillermo also got Patriots players to sign Tom Brady's cookbook during the pre-Super Bowl festivities. Photo by ABC via YouTube/screenshot

Tom Brady and the Patriots may be all business ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl match-up against the Eagles, but they were able to have a few laughs before the big game courtesy of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."


The late-night show sent Guillermo to cover opening night earlier this week, which has become something of an annual tradition for the fan-favorite "security guard" since Kimmel's cousin Sal was barred from the media festivities after he dressed up like an NFL player one year and tricked reporters into interviewing him. Since Guillermo attended the 2017 opening night, Brady and company were better prepared for the late-night star's antics, but he was still able to get under a few people's skins.


In particular, head coach Bill Belichick didn't seem all too happy to see Guillermo again or hear his knock-knock jokes.


"You should be on TV as a comedian," Belichick sarcastically replied before scowling at Guillermo for asking him to smile more.


Brady took the light-hearted questions in stride, though, and played along as Guillermo asked him about his teeth whitening habits.


"I need to get them whiter, how do I do that?" Brady asked Guillermo.

"I think maybe drinking soda with tequila," Guillero replied.

"Tequila?" Brady said. "I love tequila."

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" star almost went a bit too far when asking the Patriots quarterback about whether his wife Gisele Bundchen would appear in a "Sex in the City" sequel. While Brady laughed off the question, he quickly put Guillermo in his place when he called her "beautiful" and "nice."

"That's my wife man, watch who you're talking about," Brady said.

Guillermo's other antics included getting Brady, Belichick and other Patriots players to sign his copy of the "TB12 Method" plus scoring a good luck hug from linebacker James Harrison.

Check out the full hilarious video below.