You made it through the family dinners without thinking about it too much, but now that you’re back to your normal routine we know what you’re wondering: when does The Blacklist return from winter break?

The next episode is rapidly approaching, but still, answering when does The Blacklist return from its winter hiatus is a little complicated since the midseason finale was such a shocker. For those of you who are caught up, you know that it wouldn’t be surprising if Liz were never the same again after the events of season 5 episode 8. Though an official date might be out there for the next episode, it won’t quite be The Blacklist as you know it.

Where did the midseason finale leave things?

NOTE: Quick, look away if you didn’t catch the midseason finale of The Blacklist. The description below contains spoilers about season 5 episode 8, which aired back in mid-November.

OK, those of you who watched the midseason finale are likely still dealing with the emotional fallout from Tom’s death. Remember that Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne) showed up and attacked Liz and Tom at their home. The shocking result was Tom’s death and Liz in a year-long coma.


The upcoming episode will pick up the story several months after Liz wakes up from her coma. “Liz has abandoned her life completely,” Megan Boone, the actress who brings lift to the character, told Variety. “She lives in obscurity now. The people who do know her don’t know much about her and she goes by a pseudonym.”

What can we expect for the upcoming episode?

“This episode is very cinematic. It’s a standalone episode that centers around Liz after Tom’s death, which gives it a very reflective tone and it definitely goes off formula for the show,” Boone revealed to Variety.

when does the blacklist return liz

But she didn’t just share the tone of this one-off. Boone also talked to the outlet about a couple plot points of the episode. The episode features a huge weather event that traps Liz. But as you know about The Blacklist, things are never as simple as bad weather. The biggest danger is a “threatening group of travelers who stumble upon her cabin,” and the result — as Moore reveals — is that Liz is “forced to fight for her life.”

What about when The Blacklist returns for the back half of the season?

This episode is a one-off, so you won’t see Liz alone in a cabin forever, of course. “She goes back to the task force eventually and back to Red,” Moore explained. “But I tried to carry her experience and have it resonate throughout the rest of the season.”

Executive producers John Eisendrath and Jon Bokencamp have already revealed that Liz will take on some of the espionage responsibilities of Tom, though they’ve held back details. Boone also revealed to Variety that we’ll get flashbacks about the year that Liz spends in a coma, though the actress was tight-lipped about any plot points they would contain since “they’re pretty important story points.”

So, when does The Blacklist return from winter break?

You won’t be wondering when does The Blacklist return for long, fans. You can catch the first episode of the back half of the season starting on Wednesday, January 3 at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC.