John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight"

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Politicians, stop stealing songs! Sunday night’s topic on “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver, campaign songs, featured famous singers voicing their concerns. And what’s more convincing than belting out a tune about it?

The comedian started off with Donald Trump’s big entrance at last week’s RNC to Queen’s hit “We Are the Champions”, making fun of the amount of balloons involved, and of course, the song choice. The British rock band tweeted their disapproval over the republican nominee’s decision to use the song without their permission.

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They aren’t the only musicians who feel that way. After Oliver made his point, a music video with a slew of famous artists sent a message that politicians couldn’t misinterpret. “Don’t Use Our Song” included Usher, Josh Groban, Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper and others joining in for the comedic chorus: “Don't use our song because you used it wrong / It might seem appealing but you're just stealing.” Looks like the politicians missed a beat on this one.

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