Katy Perry just got burned — and it was by her own dad.

The singer made her first Burning Man appearance over the weekend at the annual festival in the Nevada desert.

As part of her experience, Perry decided to hop on a Segway. Though she looked good doing it — decked out in a furry white coat, mini black studded backpack and stylish black mask to cover her face from the surrounding dust — she only managed a few spins before stumbling off it.

??obvious first time burner alert??


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Perry and more than half a million Instagram users found the humor—or ridiculousness — in the attempt, when she posted a video to the social media account, calling it an “an obvious first time burner alert.”

Segway skills apparently don’t run in the family because Keith Hudson, Perry’s father, showed his daughter how it’s done the following day with his own Instagram video.

“If you need lessons, this is the way you do it,” her dad said as he performed a one-handed spin.

I guess father really does know best.

thanks dad ?

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