In the latest attempt to promote the "Ghostbusters" remake, Fall Out Boy has released "Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid),"their take on Ray Parker Jr.'s flawless theme song. It is... objectively terrible.

This is what happens when you try to improve on perfection. No idea is good enough, so everything gets thrown in the pot and stirred together.Besides Chris Hemsworth doing his bestimpersonation of Janine,the tinkly piano was the best part of a generallyterrible trailer.A quick web search shows Sony wouldn'thave even needed a séance to ask Parkerfor another pass at it.

At this point, the movie could be amazing but the promotion is actually killing fans' excitement for it.

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And what fans they are. If anything saves this movie, it'll be the Ghostbusters community. They've created an actually good trailer out of Sony's hot mess:

Theyevenset up their ownGhostbusters headquartersand filled it with interactive character experiences (beat that, Comic Con) for an immersive screening of the original film.

I'm not saying fans should make the rules. But maybe Sony could start thinking about this franchise as if they loved it, rather than actively trying to tank it.

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