Sean Combs with Christian Casey Combs and Justin Dior Combs.Getty Images

So Sean Combs is facing multiple felony assault charges — and, for some reason, a charge of "making terrorist threats" — and UCLA coaching staff member Sal Alosi nearly had his head bashed in with a kettlebell, but you know who you should really feel bad for in all of this? Combs' son, Justin Dior Combs. First of all, his middle name is Dior. Thanks, Dad. And secondly, it's hilariously coming to light that Diddy is a "helicopter dad" when it comes to his son's football career, regularly attending practice, stalking the sidelines and butting in where his opinion is not necessarily needed or wanted. That's barely acceptable — and super-annoying — at pee-wee soccer games or high school athletics, but this is college football we're talking about. How embarrassing must if be for poor Justin Dior Combs?

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Also, I imagine Diddy's helicopter parenting nonsense at practices sounds a lot like his producing work on his old hip-hop tracks, with him just interjecting a random "yeah" or "uh huh" here or there then giving himself a "featuring" credit. Bad Boy for life, yo.

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