We hope you’ve been giving your eyes a good rest by letting them look at things like puppies and flowers and what not.

Why? Because this week had some pretty aggressively horrible celebrity fashion.

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Here are this week’s worst offenders, prepare thine eyes:


EJ Johnson: So the rumors are true! Elaine Stritch isn't dead!

Caitlyn Shadbolt: Little know fact about Shadbolt, she's actually a sentient piece of Kleenex

Jackie Guerrido: Jackie obviously lost a bet. Don't be like Jackie.

Jennifer Garner: This dress is about as culturally relevant as the woman wearing it.

Patti LaBelle: Emperor LaBelle-pattine.

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Lupita Nyong’o: We love you Lupita, so we're going to just pretend you're Kristen Stewart and forget this ever happened.

Sandra Oh: Oh, no.

Candice Craig: Ladies and gentlemen, the sixth element: Leeloo Dallas Multidress.

Laura Michelle Kelly: If I could convict this dress of espionage and then send it to the electric chair I’d do it.

Chantel Jeffries: All good things come to an end, and most bad things end with bell-bottoms.

Blake Lively: Rumor has it Blake was screaming at Ryan about wire hangers right before this picture was taken.

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