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Enthusiasts get inked at festival

Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos.

Hundreds of people got inked this weekend at the 2010 Alberta Bound Tattoo Festival, but even those who didn’t still enjoyed the family-friendly event, including the Nelsons.

“We love to bring the kids. They are fascinated by the artwork and it’s a fun thing we like to do together,” dad Matthew said.

Edmonton tattoo artist Jo-Ann Atwood said she likes to check out tattoo conventions when she can but has never gotten tattooed at one before.

“This is the first time as a civilian, so to speak, and it’s kind of exciting to be on the other side of the gun,” she said as she got tattooed by a Seattle artist.

Calgary artist Trevor Rove Jameus was excited to be a part of the show for the first time since A Hard Day’s Night opened this year as a “rock ’n’ roll” spa, where people can get tattooed and get pedicures.

“It’s awesome to check out what other artists are doing,” he added.

Local artist and organizer Steve Peace said this year’s event featured local musical talents and amazing artists from around the world.

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