Escapee Carvery back in Nova Scotia – Metro US

Escapee Carvery back in Nova Scotia

Jermaine Carvery is back on Nova Scotia soil.

Carvery got out of his leg shackles and escaped from custody in the parking lot of the Victoria General hospital in April 2008. He was arrested in Niagara Falls in June and was held in Ontario to face charges there of masked robbery at a downtown boutique. He is due back in Ontario in October.

Carvery was flown back to Nova Scotia on Wednesday night and taken to the correctional facility in Burnside. He will appear in a Halifax courtroom Monday for arraignment on a charge of escaping lawful custody. He’s facing 21 other charges including attempted murder and hostage taking.

The charges relate to robberies in 2004, including the robbery of the Halifax Costco where 42 employees were confined while thieves made off with a large quantity of cigarettes.

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