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Essence of editorialista Anna Dello Russo

Just when you think you’ve read all there is to know about the increasingly famous Anna Dello Russo, she reveals a new and unexpected layer of herself. For instance, one would expect her to wear her perfume the way she does her fashion, in loud and over-the-top ways.

But surprisingly, even though her new eponymous perfume goes on sale this December, Anna only wears natural oils these days. The Vogue Nippon editor turned full-on fashion celebrity opens up about the allure of a good personal scent.

What was the first perfume you ever paid attention to?
Fracas by Robert Piguet. When I was a teenager in Italy, it was extremely hard to find and not many people wore it. It was also very French, which I love. For me, a perfume should spark a memory. My perfume reminds me of Christmas when I was a child, those moments of tranquility and calm in my family. It has the smell of vanilla and almond, which reminds me of the Christmas biscotti my grandmother used to bake.

In your opinion, how does a perfume reflect the woman who wears it?
Personally, the idea of perfume has changed for me since yoga has become a big part of my life. You can’t go to a yoga class wearing lots of perfume as the strong scent could disturb the class. I now wear perfumed oils instead. Nothing chemical.

The most beautiful scent is the natural smell of someone’s skin. Every woman has a particular smell and to me that is the most important one.

What are some of your favourite fragrances to wear?
I am obsessed with all the French brands. To me, a French fragrance almost always evokes your typical Parisienne, chic and simple. Also the names are always so agreeable to pronounce. I also love perfumes that remind me of food, ones with hints of vanilla, coconut, and almonds.

This is the first time a fashion editor has parlayed her celebrity into a fragrance. Do you think we’ll see more things like this in the future as fashion editors become more famous online?
Of course. I think that all people that work in fashion – bloggers, editors, and designers – are major players. The perfume is a start of a mini fashion revolution.

What are your favourite fragrances in your beauty cabinet right now and why do you wear them?
I’m not really wearing any perfume at the moment because of yoga. That could change any day, so I still keep a small collection in my beauty cabinet; I like having them there as an option. My Top 3 are Comme des Garçons, Chanel No. 5 and Bang by Marc Jacobs.

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