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Even at 0-6, Sox’ opener a big draw

Karl Ravech is an ESPN baseball analyst who grew up in Needham.

But the Red Sox weren’t his No. 1 team as a kid.

Stunner, right?

(Calm down. He wasn’t a Yankees fan.)

“I was more of a Celtics fan than anything because of Larry Bird,” he told Metro this week.?“I haven’t come across an athlete I respected or wanted to watch more.”

Ravech will get his fill of the Sox this weekend.

ESPN is taking its “Baseball Tonight” franchise on the road this year, in the vein of “College GameDay.” One of the first stops:?Yawkey Way at 7 p.m. Sunday in advance of the finale of Boston’s home-opener series against the Yankees.

Fans are invited to come to the set.

“The more people, the louder, the better for Baseball Tonight,”?Ravech said.

Three-time NL?All-Star John Kruk never had a problem performing in front of an audience on the field. It’s no different as part of the “BT” crew.

“It’s more fun,” he said. “The only thing you have to watch, because you can’t hear, is you talk louder. Every once in a while you come off on TV like you’re screaming.”

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