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Everything we know about Boston’s first cat cafe


Boston’s first cat cafe is officially coming, and it’s going to be PURR-fect… eventually.

Hull resident Diane Kelly has been collecting inspiration from other cat cafés around the country, even adopting her own kitty while visiting New York’s Little Lions Cat Cafe last March. “His name is Augustus — or Gus,” she adds.

Kelly’s cat cafe will be named PURR and she signed a lease last week, with a tentative January open date. The location is still TBA, noting a long stretch of planning, hiring and approvals ahead of the business. However, when asked what was in the works for the space, Kelly was brimming with ideas, including feline yoga class, a paint-and-sip event and hosting cat rescue groups to discuss kitty welfare.

For the 39-year-old, PURR has the potential to be a socially impactful place. “[Cat cafés] are a really nice environment,” she explains. “Everyone ends up talking to one another.” She plans host private events for veterans, senior citizens, children with disabilities and people with family members that are critically ill to visit PURR for free.

Kelly plans to put PURR’s feline guests and residents first. Based on what she’s seen at other cat cafés, she plans to have floor-to-ceiling climbing structures for the cats to enjoy.

“Obviously the welfare of the cats is the most important,” she says.

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