Everything you need to know about No Pants Subway Ride Boston 2019

no pants subway ride boston

There is a long standing tradition about people running around naked. Naked runs, Underwear Runs, and now, the No Pants subway ride. There’s just something about it; the freedom in your legs, the ache in your thighs, the wind in your armpits. The people at Improv Everywhere get that, which is why their annual subway ride is coming back to Boston this year. The No Pants Subway Ride is pretty self-explanatory; you get onto the T with pants on and then you take them off as your fellow Bostonians are just trying to get home from work. Hilarity, laughs, and quick glances while trying not to look at your crotch, ensue. Here’s everything you need to know about No Pants Subway Ride Boston 2019.

When is the No Pants Subway Ride Boston 2019 happening?

In summar-T, the event is going down this Sunday, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., at 1 Pemberton Square. You’ll be meeting a mysterious man holding an umbrella, wearing a cape or blasting music, or some combination of the three (we are not kidding). From there, the crowd will walk into the subway, form small groups, and ride. It is highly suggested that you wear winter clothes, warm socks, and multiple pairs of fashionable underwear.

no pants subway ride boston

What are the rules of No Pants Subway Ride Boston 2019?

There are only two rules: take your pants off, and try to keep a straight face. It is specified in the rules that you must only take your pants off. After all, there is nothing less sexy than being arrested. But after that, it is all fun and games. Afterwards there is even an after party at The Point (147 Hanover St., Boston) that is pants-optional.

What should I bring to No Pants Subway Ride Boston 2019?

You should not bring two things: 1) Lame people who don’t want to run around in their underwear. 2) Creepy people who do want people to run around in their underwear. You should bring four things: 1) Yourself. 2) A pair of pants to change into because the walk to the After Party will be outside and chilly. 3) A bag to stow your stuff. 4) Your sense of humor.

Have fun, be safe, and stay (almost) naked, my friends.

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