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Evolutionary path for Civic

The new Honda Civic’s song remains the same, but its melody just keeps on getting richer and sweeter.

The first-generation Civic that arrived for the 1973 model year was the ideal antidote for increasing pump prices (and gas rationing in the United States) that struck fear into the hearts of drivers back then.

Through the Civic, Honda showed the world that inexpensive, fuel-efficient automobiles could also be fun and desirable.

Additionally, Honda became an early proponent of environmental responsibility and conservation at a time when the Detroit-based ironmongers continued pumping out ever larger and wasteful fleets.

With each successive generation, the Civic has stayed mostly true to its original purpose and has reaped the rewards from a growing and loyal customer base.

It’s clear that the ninth-generation Civic that’s just now trickling into the retail pipeline (slowed due to parts shortages from the recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan) is following an evolutionary path.

There’s no shock-and-awe approach to its design or technological content. Instead there’s a continual effort to improve on the Civic’s inherent goodness that will more likely be felt as much as noticed.

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