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Exclusive: Pats player, OITNB star top Boston’s Most Fashionable list

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This year, the New England Patriots have not only proven themselves as the best football team in the nation, a few of the players have scored points for their fashion sense.

Julian Edelman, the team’s 28-year-old wide receiver, came in first place on a list of the city’s 50 most fashion-forward celebrities. Edelman caught the fashion site’s attention after rocking his Grammy presentation last week.​

“We wanted to get behind a Bostonian that was on the rise,“ US Trendy founder Sam Sisakhti said of the bearded Pat. ”Considering the Super Bowl win, he is someone who is really getting out there and representing Boston. Also, he takes risks. He has a very versatile style.“

The Boston-based website helps designers make a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

This is the third year the company has put out “Boston’s 50 Most Fashionable” list. The site, which sells attire from 25 designers, was recently named by Internet Retailer as one of the top five fastest growing e-tailers and among the top 10 social media marketers out of 500 online retailers.

Edelman’s gridiron partner, QB Tom Brady came in 7th place – up from 27th place in 2014. Edelman even outdistanced Brady’s wife, Brazilian-born former top model Gisele Bundchen, who was only the third most fashionable Beantowner this year.

The list isn’t a “best dressed” roundup, Sisakhti said, but rather focuses on the Bostonian’s influence on fashion.

Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling took second place, middle-aged man on the block Donnie Wahlberg took fourth place, and television personality Maria Johnson finished fifth.

Bundchen is down from second place last year. Schilling, a Boston native, stole the spot because of her red carpet ensembles, Sisakhti said.

“Taylor is just killing it on all the red carpets. She is a fresh face out there. Her look is minimalistic, but she always has a polished, feminine look,” he said.

Her co-star, Medfield native Uzo Aduba a.k.a Crazy Eyes, nabbed 11th place.

Boston hasn’t always had a reputation for its fashion sense. In 2011, GQ Magazine called out the city as the worst dressed in the nation. But since then, Boston has managed to up its fashion game.

“I’ve been getting asked less and less why I am in Boston,” said Sisakhti, who in the past has been ridiculed for being a fashion professional working in a notoriously unfashionable city.

“So I can kind of gage where we stand based on that. Another interesting thing that is happening – a lot more movies are being filmed in Boston. As a result, a lot more celebrities are coming through as well, and shopping on Newbury Street. For sure, there are more and more fashion companies starting,“ he said.

Boston’s Lauren Antos of Lily and Migs, a designer for US Trendy, says Boston should be cut some slack considering that the dismal weather conditions don’t exactly lend themselves to haute outfits.

“We’ve had 90 inches of snow. For most people, sweat pants are the clothing of choice,” said Antos, whose company offers comfortable chic women’s wear.

“But the city has evolved. Now there are so many avenues for local designers and fashionistas in Boston,” said Antos.

This spring, the city can look forward to trends that include jumpers, rompers with loud floral and geometrical prints, Sisakhti said.

“We’re noticing a lot of loud boisterous prints for the spring, and funky patterns seem to be popular,” said Sisakhti.

Antos says fashion lovers can keep their eyes peeled for Gingham checkered prints for both men and women.

“And the BoHo looks is still going around,” says Anthos.

Considering all these snow boots and bundling up, aren’t we just so excited for spring fashion?

US Trendy’s Top 50 Most Fashionable

1. Julian Edelman, Patriots

2. Taylor Schilling, Actress

3. Gisele Bündchen, Model

4. Donnie Wahlberg, Actor

5. Maria Menounous, TV Personality

6. Jenny Johnson, TV Personality

7. Tom Brady, Patriots

8. Billy Costa, Kiss 108

9. Kayna Whitworth, WHDH

10. Ramiro, JAM’N 94.5

11. Uzo Aduba, Actress

12. Jenny Slate, Comedian

13. Mark Wahlberg, Actor

14. Jay Calderin, Boston Fashion Week

15. Greg Selkoe, Karmaloop

16. Polikseni Manxhari, Miss MA

17. Chris Evans, Actor

18. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

19. Bianca de la Garza, Lucky Gal Productions

20. Lisa Donovan, Kiss 108

21. Steven Tyler, Musician

22. Courtney Hollands, Boston Magazine

23. Christina Pierce, Christina Pierce Fashion Agency

24. Dane Cook, Comedian

25. Pebbles, HOT 96.9

26. Amanda Soucy, Patriots Cheerleader

27. Kelly Brabants, Booty By Brabants

28. Windsor Hanger Western, Her Campus

29. Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports

30. Lydia Santangelo, Stylist

31. Jonathan Soroff, Improper Bostonian

32. Guerin Austin, Bruins Reporter

33. Lisa Pierpont, Boston Common

34. Carolyn Kim, Good Ones

35. Danielle Vollmar, Channel 5

36. Dawn Kingston, Photographer

37. Joe Breezy, AMP RADIO 103.3

38. Maria Stephanos, Fox 25

39. Ace Gershfield, 6one7

40. Katie Boyd, Miss Fit Club

41. Tyrese Onayemmi, Swag Soul & VipHoststar

42. Manny and George Sarkis, Boston Brothers Promotions

43. Joe Freeman, Dynasty Models

44. Christopher Muther, Boston Globe

45. Matthew Markey, Maggie

46. Santi, JAM’N 94.5

47. Kathy Benharris, The Boston Fashion Meetup Group

48. Erica Corsano, Boston Herald

49. Kendra Petrone, Kiss 108

50. Caroline Lunny, Former Miss MA

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