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Expect to see more rock and roll cruises this summer

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With cruise season upon us, more and more travelers are seeking top-notch onboard entertainment. But long gone are the days of old-fashioned lounge singers and boring on-site acts. Instead, rock and roll cruises represent an up-and-coming trend that’s bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to the at-sea experience.

Expect to see big-name acts comparable to what you’d experience at a regular off-ship concert. There’s just one major difference—the close quarters of a cruise lends itself to a much more intimate experience.
“It actually gives passengers the chance to hear a band in a cozy venue that has less than 1,000 seats,” says Jackie Finley, a Holiday Cruise Line spokesperson.
Holiday Cruise Line is meeting the demand by traveling its guests on the Grand Celebration, which is offering a variety of premier, on-ship concerts this summer. Internationally known acts like KT Tunstall, The Marshall Tucker Band, Suzanne Vega and more are all scheduled for their Concerts at Sea series.
All shows will take place onboard The Grand Celebration; a luxurious ship routinely making stops at destinations throughout the Bahamas. The ship itself is perhaps just as appealing as the actual ports of call. With an expansive pool deck, luxurious spa and wellness center, and a Las Vegas-style casino, there are plenty of amenities to keep guests both entertained and pampered. There are also a variety of bars and lounges for adults and an age-appropriate kids club for the little ones.
In terms of entertainment, perhaps the biggest cruise trend currently taking shape is the rise of rock and roll performances. And we’re not talking about lame cover bands; we’re talking about the real deal. The Kiss Kruise, for example, attracts thousands of loyal fans to rock out while sailing to the pristine beaches of the Bahamas. Rock royalty Def Leppard is also no stranger to the music cruise.
“More people are cruising than ever, and with that increase is the demand by travelers for more exciting onboard entertainment,” says Finley. “Concerts At Sea meets that demand.”
In addition to rock and roll music cruises, bigger Broadway musical acts are also making their way to the high seas. According to a recent Conde Nast Traveler report, overall entertainment quality aboard cruise lines is currently “skyrocketing.” In other words, passengers are taking a more active role in their entertainment experience. The good news is that eclectic artists and rock-and-rollers alike are responding in kind, flocking to the high seas in record numbers.
“Besides the up close and personal cozy venue for the concert, you’re also enjoying the show with people who, like yourself, have decided that cruises are relaxing, fantastic vacations,” adds Finley. “And if you want the night’s fun to continue after the concert—dancing, tropical refreshments, the casino and your stateroom are all within walking distance.”