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Facebook is making it way easier to get over your ex

One of the hardest parts about a breakup is that social media makes it virtually impossible to make a clean break. Even when you want to put your ex out of your mind and focus on new things and people, he or she will pop up in your Facebook timeline, Instagram feed, Twitter feed, Snapchat and whatever other form of social media has been invented in the past five minutes.

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Facebook, at least, is doing its part to make it just a little bit easier to move on. Yesterday, the company announced that it will allow people to “take a break” from seeing their ex anywhere on Facebook — without unfriending him or her. Not only will your ex stop coming up in your timeline (you can already “hide” people anyway), but his or her name will not pop up when you’re tagging photos, writing messages or basically doing anything else on Facebook.

The breakup feature is still in the testing phase, but will hopefully be rolled out soon.

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