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Failure to communicate

The Giants haven’t been on the same page defensively for three weeks. That goes for on and off the field.

If the Giants are to halt a three-game skid they need to start working as a team — players and coaches.

Team leaders Justin Tuck and Antonio Pierce still aren’t on the same wavelength as first-year defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, who coaches from the sidelines instead of his customary booth.

Coach Tom Coughlin played the neutral party, neither denying or confirming the suggested, “communication breakdown.”

“Occasionally there is a formation [breakdown] which has to be adjusted,” said Coughlin, who noted there doesn’t seem to be any problems getting the calls in from the sidelines.

When Sheridan was proposed the same questions about the ill-communication, he was defiant and shifted those queries to the players in question.

“You have to ask them,” said Sheridan. “I don’t know what they are talking about. They haven’t come to me regarding that.”

Now it’s becoming clear why the Giants are such a mess on Sundays.

“There are just certain plays where we might have been not necessarily on the same page,” said Tuck. “We have gotten that straight, we have had a great week of practice thus far with the linebackers, safeties, corners and defensive line being on the same page. So hopefully that issue we can kind of throw it in back of the bag.”

We’ll find out Sunday.

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