Fake police equipment found in raid – Metro US

Fake police equipment found in raid

Police have busted a trafficking operation with ties to B.C.’s Lower Mainland, but are concerned by what else they found during the investigation.

On Feb. 11 a police bust found two kilograms of ketamine and $10,000 in cash. Searches on three homes turned up cocaine, weapons and credit card skimmers. But of the greatest concern to investigators was finding police sirens and body armour with the “police” logo.

“Basically it’s a home-invasion kit so these groups can rob from other organized crime groups,” Staff Sgt. Gord Eirikkson said, adding the fake equipment was never used on civilians.

Adam Harlock, 30, Lisa Harlock, 30, Tony Chau, 34, Bryan Scully, 25 and Curtis Choi, 27, have been charged with numerous offences.

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