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Family baffled

Grief is compounded with confusion for the family of missing single mother Sangeeta Khanna, a day after police revealed they have a prime suspect in her disappearance and are treating her case as a homicide.
Police believe the 41-year-old’s body may have been dumped in an area near Highway 28, stretching northeast from Edmonton to Meadow Lake, Sask., after she vanished nearly two years ago.
But her brother-in-law, Romesh Mohan, says the family can’t understand why she would ever be travelling in that area. Her job never took her northeast of the city, he says, and the family has never travelled in that direction.
“We would like to travel that highway and see if we can help find anything, but it’s going to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” he says.
Khanna was last heard from on April 17, 2006, when she called her 15-year-old son to say she would be home shortly. Her abandoned vehicle was found in a south side bank parking lot near 23 Ave. and 66 St. the next morning.
Before her disappearance, she worked at Alberta Permit Pro, which issues safety code permits. She had landed a massive contract the day before she vanished that was set to double her salary.
But finding anything along the highway to assist in the police investigation appears to be a difficult task since the area stretches over 400 kilometres, passing through Bonnyville and Cold Lake.
Sgt. Rod Ens of the Meadow Lake RCMP says parts of the terrain in the area are heavily forested with dozens of lakes, only broken up by the occasional spot of farmland.
Still, Mohan says they are asking the public to call police if they find anything, including her missing leather purse and car keys.
“Please be on the lookout in that direction,” he says. “Give the police what they need. We need closure to this.”

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