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Fare evaders, beware of city’s most ticketed stations

Fare evasion at some Calgary transit platforms might not be such a bright idea.

Information Metro obtained from Calgary Transit showed the most fare evasion tickets are doled out at two inner-city stations: Sunnyside and Stampede.

According to transit safety co-ordinator Brian Whitelaw, there is no rhyme or reason except time of day and days of the week, and variance between the city’s four quadrants.

“The northeast leg of the C-Train system seems to have more compliance and the northwest seems to have more fare evasions,” Whitelaw said.

But Whitelaw said those are the areas people are getting caught, not necessarily where they are getting on, something he said is hard to determine.

“I can’t speculate why some areas are worse than others, but we try to determine through statistics where the highest rates seem to be and we target those areas.”

Whitelaw said Sunnyside and Stampede probably catch more fare evaders because of their proximity to free-fare zones.

“I guess some people want to take the risk instead of paying, but for the most part people are compliant,” he said, adding there is about 95 to 98 per cent compliance.

Carl, who wanted to withhold his last name, said he will jump fares when he “doesn’t have enough change.”

“If I get caught, I get caught … but I pay when I can. Sometimes, simply, I just don’t have enough change or time to get some,” he admitted.

But rider Mellissa Spears said she is glad officers are out catching evaders.

“If I have to pay, they should have to pay,” she said.

The fine for fare evasion is $150.

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