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Fearing ‘U.S.-style’ campaign, Stelmach steps down

Premier Ed Stelmach announced today that he will resign as leader of the province.

In a blog posted on the Government of Alberta website, Stelmach said he will not be running in the next election.

“Since the New Year I have been spending the last few weeks asking my caucus to indicate to me their intentions for the next provincial election,” said Stelmach.

“As I have been having these discussions, I have also been reflecting on my own commitment to serve beyond the next election. Upon much reflection and consultation with family and close friends, I have determined that after 25 years of public service I am not be prepared to serve another full term as Premier.”

Stelmach also said he fears a “U.S. style” election campaign and believes that attack ads would be directed at him personally.

“This type of U.S. style wedge politics is coming into Canada, and it comes at our peril,” he said. “Albertans deserve to have better level of public debate on our policy options.”

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