Feast your eyes on these 2 pizza rats fighting over a slice in the subway – Metro US

Feast your eyes on these 2 pizza rats fighting over a slice in the subway

Two pizza rats were seen dueling over a slice of pizza in a NYC subway. Photo: superangry1/screenshot

Pizza Rat was great, sure, and we could all relate to his insatiable hunger for the perfection that is a New York slice of pizza, but frankly Pizza Rat ain’t got nothing on these two scrappy Pizza Rats who were caught on video fighting over a slice of pizza in the subway.

Reddit user superangry1 posted a 13-second video Wednesday of two insatiable MTA rats battling it out over a piece of discarded cheese pizza. These two pizza rats clearly give meaning to the word “hangry” and embody every New Yorker’s end-of-day subway aggression. 

The video starts off with the two rats playing tug of war over the pizza slice as they crawl across the subway tracks. In the end, Right Rat comes out victorious, securing the entire slice for himself, but not without Left Rat snagging a hearty bite of what appears to be fresh, melted pizza cheese. 

“We’ve reached peak New York. Shut it down,” said Reddit user jimberley. Another user, InspiredBlue, clearly related to the confrontation.

“All we need is a New Yorker in the background that completely ignores everything while they quickly walk by.”

But perhaps Redditor visionhalfass put it best, saying the pizza rats were “Cuomo and De Blasio basically.”

2 Pizza Rats fight over a slice

Two Rats Fighting Over A Slice Of Pizza On The Subway from r/nyc

This isn’t the first time New York rats have stolen the spotlight with their pizza-loving antics. The original pizza rat first made headlines back in 2015 when he was seen lugging an entire slice of pizza down the steps to the subway platform. Then, in April 2018, Pizza Rat (or perhaps another ravenous rat relative) sparked excitement when he made his triumphant return to the Lexington and 59th street station. 

Original Pizza Rat 2015

2 fighting pizza rats have one upped original pizza rat

Pizza Rat II April 2018

But there’s another famous NYC rat that we’d be remiss to forget — pole-dancing rat. In December 2016 the internet lost their sh-t over a video showing a rat on a Queens-bound train running from underneath a seat and up a pole, where it climbed and twirled. One thing New York City’s rat community doesn’t lack is gusto. 

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