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Feeling the solar power

At the age of six, Sami Kholreibi was selling lemonade by the glass and peddling gently used books to his neighbours. When he was eight, he helped design an automated feather duster.

Kholreibi was always an aspiring entrepreneur but it was when he got to London, Ontario that he really began to soar. Within six months of graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Kholreibi and three partners started Camdex Energy, an oil and gas company based in Toronto.

“I spent a lot of time travelling, especially in the Middle East”. He learned about the Masdar Initiative and its goal to make Abu Dhabi an epicenter in renewable energies.

“I had an entrepreneurial eureka moment.”

Enviromena Power Systems was formed in 2007 and is now on it’s way to becoming the largest solar energy company in the Middle East and North Africa. Sami is once again soaring but admits any business venture can be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

“You can’t let them impact you or the positive attitude required to be a successful entrepreneur.”

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