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Fetus found in water plant

City cops are not treating the discovery of a fetus at a city water treatment facility as a criminal matter.
After consulting with medical and legal officials, Calgary police told reporters they are not yet treating the incident as a crime, and want the mother to come forward for help without fear of prosecution.
“We’re not pursuing criminal charges. We want to make sure she is OK, and she may be in need of medical and psychological help,” police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell told Metro.
The fetus was discovered at the Bonnybrook waste treatment facility by a worker Monday afternoon.
Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre director Jutta Wittmeier told Metro she is concerned about the well-being of the woman.
“It’s very important for her to get help, medically and emotionally because it can be very hard on a woman, especially when she is alone,” Wittmeier said.
She said some women may not know enough about pregnancy or miscarriages, and should always get regular check-up with a family doctor.
“There are a lot of support services available for pregnant women out there such as ours. Miscarriages are not uncommon, but it’s possible she didn’t know what to do.”
Police are still hoping anyone with information will contact them at 266-1234.

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