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Final round for feisty Four Loko

The Food and Drug Administration wants to have all cans of Four Loko off store shelves by today, Dec. 13.

Easier said than done.

“We still have a few cans left,” said Juan Gonzalez at Charles West Deli in the West Village. “We can sell them, but we can’t order any more.”

Friday was the last day any caffeinated alcoholic drinks could be delivered to New York retailers. Store owners have “a reasonable amount of time” to sell the remaining stock, according to the New York State Liquor Authority.

Phusion Projects, the maker of Four Loko, promised to have the drink off store shelves by today. Any store caught selling it in the future could be fined and lose its liquor license.

That means clever New Yorkers have been stocking up and making a killing on the banned product.

“When I heard they were banning it, I went to a deli and just bought it all out — all off the shelves, cases in the back, I took everything,” said Mike S., 21, of South Ozone Park, Queens. He bought 20 cases for about $20 each. He’s sold each case for $60 — $75 if he delivers it to your door.

“The demand for them is crazy,” said Mike, who sells it on Craigslist. “I get at least 10 calls a day — people in Connecticut, Jersey. I delivered a case down to Philly on the Chinatown bus.”

“I’ve made about $600 profit so far. It’s a decent little hustle,” he said.

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