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Finally, a suite that doesn’t shun colour

The Sheppard Avenue West & Allen Road development Metro Place focuses on neutral tones touched up with bold accents.

Interior designer Brent Zavitski went for a striking approach in the three-bedroom model suite that melds simple contrasts together for an ultra-modern look geared to an urban lifestyle.

“I tried to stick to a monochromatic colour scheme with blacks, whites and greys combined for cooler tones. It’s definitely an urban aesthetic with very clean lines and modern finishes, kind of geared towards a modern, urban hipster,” Zavitski said.

Of course, a neutral base doesn’t have to be devoid of colour, so Zavitski made liberal use of bright, strong colours throughout the suite in accessories and little artistic touches — the goal was to give the space life while making it easy to change the look if needed.

“What I always try to do is to keep the permanent fixtures neutral and add colours through the details and accessories — it gives you the ability to change things season to season. By adding that little bit of colour it really brightens up the whole space,” Zavitski said.

For flooring, Zavitski made an environmentally conscious choice to go with a dark, recycled wood that adds a natural beauty to the overall suite while remaining easy to maintain and comfortable to walk on.

The kitchen features European-style cabinetry, ceramic tile backsplashes and granite countertops while in the living room Zavitski played with lighter tones by inserting a white leather couch and thin, white dining chairs and transparent coffee and dining tables.

“I used the glass and chrome tables because they definitely create a lot of reflection and the
appearance of more space because you can see through them,” he said.

The lowdown
Parkside Tower at Metro Place Condos
Builder: Liberty Development Corporation
Pricing & sizes: 595 — 1,080 square foot units from $255,000-$401,000

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