Financial strain changes home for the holidays - Metro US

Financial strain changes home for the holidays

Home for the holidays means something a little bit different for a few Calgarians this year.

While some people fly as far away from the city as they can, this year some travellers, like Latonia Hartery, are sticking closer to home because of the tough economy.

“My parents moved to Fort McMurray, so I am actually glad, because otherwise I wouldn’t have got to spend time with them,” she said, adding she wouldn’t have been able to afford to fly home to Newfoundland.

“So it’s what you make it and I am actually happy I am not going too far. It’ll be nice to spend time with my family and not have to travel so far and spend so much to get there.”

Others, like James and Amanda Collins, decided they would travel to Grand Prairie to spend the holidays for less.

“We have some friends there and thought it was a lot cheaper than going somewhere more exotic or farther,” they said.

But one 19-year-old, Stephanie Hill, chose to stay in Calgary alone while her dad went to California with her brother, her mom to Medicine Hat and her sister to New Zealand.

“I was sad at first but now I am excited to just kind of do my own thing,” she said, adding her family was “just doing their own thing” this year.

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