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Find nirvana at these yoga events around the Boston area

Try these interesting yoga classes and events around town. Photo Provided

Celebrate the solstice with a few sun salutations. The United Nation’s International Day of Yoga returns on June 21 to champion the multifaceted benefits of the exercise. In honor of the big day, we’ve searched around Boston for a few off-the-beaten-path, exciting yoga options that you can try out this summer. Roll up your mat and head to these spots to find your Zen while also having a whole lot of fun.

Starlit Stretching

Trying to spice up your after work exercise routine? Some al fresco evening yoga might just do the trick. The Street at Chestnut Hill shopping center will be hosting “Yoga Under the Stars” as part of the Yoga Day festivities. Lead by YogaWorks studio, this mild practice invites yogis of all levels and will feature a live DJ as well as complimentary refreshments from Juice Press and DavidsTea. Online registration is encouraged for this free event, but is not mandatory. Allow 30 minutes for check-in and mat setup.

June 21, 7 p.m., The Mews at 49 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, free, eventbrite.com

Paint Your Practice

Let your flow manifest itself into literal artwork with Izzy VanHall’s “Paint Your Practice” yoga series. While starting off with traditional poses and breathing, paint and various brushes are then brought out as students begin to color the canvas they’re on top of as the exercise continues. “We often tell ourselves ‘No, we can’t be creative,’” says VanHall. “I want to establish that space for people to really feel free.” VanHall, a painter herself, has taught this class at festivals as well as super intimate six-person sessions.

June 24, 1:30 p.m., Coolidge Corner Yoga, 1297 Beacon St., Brookline, $65, coolidgeyoga.com

Hip-Hop Yoga

Also instructed by VanHall, Hip Hop Yoga is a traditional vinyasa spiced up with the beat of modern day hip-hop and remixes. Perhaps not the best choice for the first time yogi, this class creates a flow that many people can follow while integrating more difficult offerings for advanced students. VanHall says, “It’s about listening to fun music, getting out of your head, and feeling sexy without having to wear some glamorous getup.”

Weekly, various times, YogaWorks Back Bay at 364 Boylston St., Boston, yogaworks.com

Salute the Sun

Another free of charge public event, Coolidge Corner Yoga wants you to soak up the sun with weekly outdoor yoga in July and August. A vinyasa will be hosted every Sunday morning in an inviting park environment. Stroll over at any time and start off your day right, surrounded by friends and community.

July 9 to August 27, 8 a.m., Minot Rose Garden, Browne and St. Paul streets, free, Brookline, coolidgeyoga.com


Barnyard meets backstretch at this funky workout session. Heifer Farm in Rutland, perfect for a weekend day trip, has joined the peculiar yet adorable nation-wide movement of integrating goats into yoga. For $20 dollars, participants are led through entry-level yoga while the farm’s own goats flit around the room and even perch on your back. Watch out for a rogue horn or hoof though.

Through June 26, 10 a.m. and noon, Heifer Farm at 216 Wachusset St., Rutland, $20, heifer.org

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