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Finding a realtor who works for you

The real estate market traditionally heats up each spring, and for first-time homebuyers, finding the right realtor is an important step to help you on your search. Here’s a checklist on how to find the right one for you.

  • Get recommendations from family and friends.
  • Cruise neighbourhoods you like, and write down the names of realtors on the For Sale signs.
  • Visit open houses to meet realtors face-to-face.
  • Ask for references, and check to see if any of the realtor’s references are relatives.
  • Ask how long the realtor has been in business, and if he or she has up-to-date training.
  • The home will require additional work, such as home inspections, renovations, legal advice or mortgage advice, and the realtor should be able to give you a list of options for each of these services.
  • You want a person who is assertive, but also someone you can work well with. Be sure you feel comfortable with the person.
  • Make sure your realtor is someone who will be available by phone and email, and takes time to go over paperwork with you.

“Once you have some names, interview two or three and choose the one you feel would best fit as your partner throughout the process,” suggests Rob Faulkner, president of the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors.

A good realtor may stay with you if you move homes, so trust and a solid relationship are important.

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