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Finding the best pet-friendly destinations

Do you shake with excitement when you think about taking your pet on vacation with you this winter? It’s possible, but with extra care and lots of time to plan ahead.

Websites such as DogFriendly.com prepare databases of hotels, resorts and cities that will be best fit for your animal.

In fact, this site publishes an annual top 10 most dog-friendly cities, determined by a staff of researchers.

“The criteria is the quality of the accommodations, beaches, parks, attractions, dining, stores and other things to do with your dog,” says co-editor Len Kain, who believes that the site also can help with cats, birds and maybe even snakes.

But according to Kain, dogs are about 85 per cent of the travelling animals, at least in the U.S. And while in planning mode, there are certain safety precautions to take note of.

“You have to watch for extreme temperatures,” he says, as with fur, dogs can dehydrate quickly. “You also want to look for outdoor places, because that’s where the dog is most likely to be allowed to go to.”

For travelling procedures, you should check on the weight limits and rates for your pet with a transportation service or accommodations.

Also, make sure they’ve received the proper health care, including shots, especially if travelling to countries such as Mexico.

“There are a lot of parasites that aren’t really in the U.S. and Canada that you have to watch for,” says Kain.

“With the much warmer climate and it’s not as well kept.”

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